Mission Statement


Our story begins in 1963 far before the existence of Avalin. Self-made knitwear manufacturer, Abraham Lip, was first introduced to the world of knits by his father when he was just a young boy. At the age of 7, Avi would spend his time helping his father keep up with the family knit shop. Twenty-three years later, Abraham was now a grown man and had since taken over his father's shop… but he had bigger dreams of the life he could make for himself and his future family. With a one-way ticket in hand, he first came to America owning nothing more than the $300 in his pocket and a wealth of knowledge in knitwear. 

Overtime, the knowledge that Abraham had gained built a business that he was able to welcome his son Daniel into, just like his father had done with him. Together Abraham and Daniel created a strong reputation in the knitwear business, and before long began selling to some of the largest retailers in the United States such as Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdales and hundreds of independent brands like Free People and Gap. 

However, the increasing demand for imported goods was crushing for the “Proudly Made in the USA” family business. Retailers wanted cheaper prices and before long Abraham and Daniel could no longer compete with the decreasing costs of imports. In 2016, the two would close their factory doors for good.

But from the ashes came an opportunity. One of Avi and Daniels’ long-standing accounts of 30 years, Avalin, decided to retire their existence as a brand. Avi and Daniel saw promise in the small brand and did not want to see it perish. So, they decided to absorb it.


The concept was simple. Keep it small, keep it minimalist and most importantly, keep it American-made. Today, Avalin is proudly featured in over 500 boutiques nationwide. All pieces are made-to-order in Brooklyn, New York.


Avalin believes in “lean production'' which prevents us from over-producing. We only manufacture in small batches which leads to a no-waste approach and allows us to hold very little inventory while still having all colors and styles available year-round. At Avalin we use only organic, hypoallergenic cotton in order to create peace of mind for our customers and the environment. 

The naturally occurring cellulose in cotton makes our apparel 100% biodegradable and compostable yet cozy and long lasting no matter how often you wear it or wash it. And because of human historys’ long-standing relationship with cotton apparel, dating back to 3000 B.C.; The primal effects of wearing a cozy cotton sweater are sure to create calmness and ease for all wearers.

With minimal returns and zero stockpiling, we never “dump” merchandise. We are proudly upheld by the strict recycling laws of the New York state which provides resources to ensure we are able to properly recycle all paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal used at our factory.


Our founders are a compassionate and generous team who are deeply admired by all who work with them. They are well known for their overwhelming generosity, humanity and willingness to help others. On a daily basis, Abraham can be found checking in on the factory to ensure morale is high and working conditions are above standard (one of the many benefits of producing and living in the New York state). He values kindness in others and is often sharing a laugh with his workers. Daniel, on the other hand, works around the clock to provide any and all support to their invaluable sales representatives around the nation. 


It's with great pride that Avalin presents the American standard for quality-made knitwear. With over three decades of experience, our mission is to  always provide fast and reliable products to our customers and continue to be your go-to brand for American-made knitwear. We ship 99% of our orders the same day and carry all colors and styles year round.

Throughout the years, Avalin has been offered many opportunities to move their manufacturing overseas but it was never even a consideration for them. Avalin is honored to provide work opportunities for friends across the nation. 

When purchasing from Avalin, two things are for certain:

Our teams are always here to offer any and all support possible and secondly, Avalin will always be made in the USA.